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Project Description
This console application is an extended managed version of Microsoft's FocusApp, included within the Windows Mobile 6 SDK.

The FocusApp is part of the Hopper package, which is available at the Microsoft Download Center.
Hopper itself is a test tool sending random Window Messages, Mouseclicks and keyboard entries for stress testing an application.
As part of the Application Submission Requirements for Windows Marketplace for Mobile, the Hopper test has to be successfully ran for 2 hours.

The main advantage for the ManagedFocusApp over Microsoft's original FocusApp is, that you don't need C++ installed for changing and compiling your FocusApp. All has been developed in pure managed (C#) Code.
A provided and precompiled application is available for download. It can be used right away without recompilation. Just edit the configuration file and run you test. For a reference see the Quick Start Guide.

Beside the standard focus feature, it provides a simple configuration file with the following options:

- path of application to be focused
- path of the hopper application
- interval of the focus function in milliseconds to be executed
- switch if hopper should start automaticaly
- switch if the history of hopper should be deleted before start

Quick Start Guide

More info on Hopper can be found on the according Hopper blog.

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